Is the week over yet?

Just your ordinary day at work, pushing paper, staring at a computer screen and being a “happy helper”. Anyone else can’t wait until this week is over? oh, bite me.

Eczema is flaring up again, hands are so rough and splitting. Knees, arms and hips have patches. I’m feeling pretty miserable, this must be how Chicken Pox feel like (no I haven’t had them – gotta go get that vaccine). I’ve been slathering my “good skin” in baby oil and applying cortizone ointment on my eczema but it doesn’t seem to help. I know scratching makes it worse but it’s so hard. My doc gave me a prescription for an antihistimine but it’s super drowsy. I need a cure….maybe it’s time to try and invent one.

Maybe it’s the holiday commercials on TV, but I’m getting this twinge of wanting to get my Christmas shopping started, is that weird? Or maybe it’s just an excuse to get some retail therapy without feeling guilty?? On the other hand I don’t want to go shopping for myself until after losing this post-wedding weight….I’ll treat myself then.

Hmmm…..head start on the new year’s resolutions?


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