Pom-pom Yarn Scarf

Last night I went to Michaels and picked up some pom-pom yarn to do some scarves. My co-worker has been very into knitting lately and inspired my to give it another try. Being an eager beaver, I couldn’t wait until today for her to show me, so I Googled the yarn and instructions on how to start.

It’s the Bunny Tail Pom Pom yarn and here’s the link for the instructions:

The instructions on binding/casting off seem complicated and my co-worker is showing me how she does it so I’ll have to see how much harder it is and share it those instructions too.

I haven’t quite finished it yet but once you get a groove going you finish fairly quickly. I’m using US Size 4 needles, with 8 cast on stitches. Looks like I only need the 1 ball of yarn for this scarf. Will be sure to post a picture once it’s all done. It’s fast, fairly easy and cute I think I’m addicted.

Here’s a photo of the before:

A few rows in, I thought it was too loose at first and didn’t look right but looks way better after a few rows in:

And after 1.5 hours:


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