Miso Glazed Chicken


Chicken thighs were on sale and I wasn’t feeling too creative so I decided to try the Miso Glazed Salmon marinade with it. http://wp.me/p1YyIg-P 

I used my dutch oven instead of the glass casserole dish since I have dried out poultry on several occasions using glass….but then again, it could just be me.

For four (4) bone-in chicken thighs, I went by taste & tried it BEFORE putting the chicken in (adjust to your own liking) but here is the original ingredients list I worked with:

  • 1/4 cup brown sugar (packed if you like it sweeter, I put a little less than 1/4 cup)
  • 2 tablespoons soya sauce
  • 2 tablespoons water
  • 2 tablespoons miso (soybean paste, I prefer white miso, it’s a bit sweeter)

1) Preheat broiler
2) Whisk all the ingredients together and set aside some of the marinade for basting
3) Place chicken into dutch oven with marinade and cook over low-medium heat on stove
*remember not to leave it sitting there, sugar burns easily
4) Once both sides are lightly cooked, place dutch oven into broiler – I left uncovered
5) Baste twice with set-aside marinate
6) Remove once chicken is done – 170F (or until jucies run clear), how long depends on your broiler/oven. Mine took about 25 minutes.
**To test bone-in chicken pieces, insert a fork in the chicken. It should go in easily and the juices should run clear. But meat and juices closest the bones may still look a little pink even though the chicken has been cooked thoroughly.

I also made rice and the sake butter to go with this. The result is a similar taste, of course the texture of the meat is different. I find salmon goes better with the flavours and the flakiness just melts well together with everything but chicken is not a bad runner-up.

My friend suggested I put some butter on top to keep things moist before it went into the oven, but it just kinda slid right off….BUT I didn’t dry it out!




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