Bowls are Stuck. It Sucks.

My husband was doing the dishes and somehow a small bowl slipped into a big bowl and now they’re completely stuck together.

We spent hours trying everything on the internet to separate them but couldn’t. We tried everything from boiling water and ice, a sink full of boiling water, the freezer, dishsoap…..everything short of breaking one of them to end the frustration but I can’t admit defeat – I won’t surrender!!!!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened to my bowls, I brought food over to a friend’s house and somehow they ended up stuck together in the sink. Somehow my friend managed to get them apart. He told me to put them into tub of boiling water almost to the rim and ice into the inside bowl, then wedge a butter knife between, but it didn’t work. I’m bringing my bowl to him in hopes of getting them apart.

If anyone out there has any other ideas, I’m open to giving them a try! They’re both Corelle.


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