More Pom-pom Yarn Scarves


I made 2 pom-pom yarn scarves to give as gifts this past Christmas. As you can see here, I made one for practice first!

I did the dark on with 10 cast on stitches and used 2 balls of yarn (top), this light one was 8 stitches using 1.5 balls. I knit (k) the whole way through.

Here are 2 things I did differently this time:
1) Unlike regular methods of adding on another ball of yarn where you knit the new ball in, I just tied the non-pom pom ends together really tight (was a bit tricky) and burnt the knot a bit with a lighter to seal them together and continued knitting.

2) The video just mentions to tuck the tail into the work a few times after binding off, but I found the tail would come out sometimes during wear. So this time after tucking in a few pom-poms into the work I tied a knot around a stitch and burnt it together too. (Careful not to burn through the string or pom-poms)

I tried a few other ways online but found method shown in the video to give the best result, however I must have pulled too tight for this one because the cast off end turned out a little rounder than I would have liked….but hopefully the receipient will enjoy it anyways.

Here’s the link to the instructional video:,default,pg.html


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