Snowy Vancouver

The sunset looked spectacular from the office last night. I couldn’t resist snapping some photos. The weather reports continued to say we’d see snow in the morning. But look at it – how could it possibly start snowing? It was beautiful out.

Well, I guess the weather people were right about the snow. The storm that to hit Vancouver went over to Seattle instead and we just caught a bit of it. Great news for us, but sucks for Seattle (hope everyone there is safe and warm!). We still got some flurries but doesn’t look like much is sticking to the ground, at least not downtown, anyways.

This is perfect weather for comfort food. I’m craving some sort of stew, soup, or noodles. I’ve been trying to get inspired in the kitchen but this weather also makes me want to curl up in my pajamas with a book. There are a few soup noodle recipes I’m excited to try so I promise I will cook up some good stuff when I get back from San Francisco.


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