Rainy San Fran

20120124-224626.jpgWent with my mom for the weekend to see my grandma in San Fran., thought it would be nice to get away from the snow and spend Chinese New Year with granny.

The only thing i didn’t know was Granny’s house doesn’t have centralized heating. I was cold even inside! I don’t know how this little 92 year lady manages with just a sweater and a vest. There were 2 space heaters but I still wore my jacket inside for 2 days and then my hoodie to bed!


I think I’m gonna stick to visiting in the summer months. It was so windy my umbrella flipped over and broke!


The only plus was this one sunny day where I took the BART (their subway/rapid transit) to Oakland’s China Town and wandered through the market where people were prepping for CNY.


While there I had an awesome bowl of Vietnamese noodles (bun rieu) at Ba Le right in China Town.



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