Don’t Waste Those Bones

Growing up in a frugal family meant little went to waste and lots were re-purposed. For instance, clothes that were too worn out to be hand-me-downs, were either cut up into rags or used to mop the floor, and paper towels for drying hands – unheard of. Of course one of my favourite ways to not waste something would revolve around food. It’s using the bones from those pre-cooked rotisserie chickens to make stock & chicken noodle soup!
Now, some of you might thing it’s gross but I’m not telling you to use the bones after people have eaten, just the body of the chicken – the parts that are usually carved. I think this works best with just the regular rotisserie chicken as I’m not sure if I’d like BBQ flavoured chicken noodle soup.
So I just put in the bones/body into a pot, fill water up to about 1/2 way up the body and simmer on medium for 30-40 minutes. Any excess meat can be picked off with a fork and the bones can then be thrown out. I usually add more water and keep simmering until you reached your desired amount of “chickeness” (if that makes sense). Add in some salt or soya sauce for taste.
I then bring the stock to a boil and throw in some macaroni (or whatever your preference is) once that’s going I’ll usually throw in whatever veggies I have left. Anything from leftovers, canned or frozen. You’ll have to add water, noodles, veggies, salt/soya sauce according to your own taste and preferred soup to noodle ratio, remember, you can taste in between because you’re not dealing with raw meat.

Next time I’ll make congee (rice porridge) with my chicken stock. This also works with your leftover holiday turkey bones!

So, think mom will be proud?


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