Breaded Chicken

I know this chicken looks kind of like Shake ‘n Bake but it’s not! I tend to make this when I don’t want to do too much prepping and have bread nearing expiry. You can customize it by adding your favourite herbs and spices to the bread crumbs.

I thought the chicken breasts I bought were quite thick so I sliced them in half and they cooked a lot faster. You can also do chicken thighs or pork chops, it’s up to you, I just find drumsticks too annoying to cook evenly.

 There are a lot of breaded chicken recipes online, but then again there’s a lot of everything online so I’m going to post how I made this anyways  🙂 

2 pieces of chicken breast
3-4 slices bread, toasted & crushed into crumbs or  approx.1 cup of bread crumbs
Herbs, spices, salt, pepper as desired

1. (Optional) slice each chicken breast in half horizontally and then pound slightly with rubber mallet
2. Mix in desired herbs/spices into crumbs (this time I used 1 teaspoon lemon pepper and ½ teaspoon salt)
3. Heat non-stick pan on low-medium heat and add in oil
4. Put a bit of milk into a dish and put in a piece of chicken (don’t use too much milk because it can’t be reused
5. Remove from milk and dredge into bread crumbs, press crumbs into meat
6. Place on pan to fry, flip when bottom is golden brown. It’s done when the internal temperature is 165F.

 *You’ll want enough oil to keep the breading from burning, for my 12” pan I used approx. 2 tablespoons. Add more oil if required, stay on low-medium heat.

**You can choose to bake the chicken instead if concerned about oil. The cook time and temperature will depend on your meat size. Typically, chicken is 350F for 20-30 minutes, uncovered.

Enjoy with veggies and your favourite dipping sauce, but the herbs and breading provides a nice flavour as-is.


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