Mixed Rice w/ Veggies (Bibimbap)

Here’s my first try at making bibimbap which literally translates to “mixed vegetables/rice”. Usually when I eat it at Korean restaurants I’ll order the dolsot bibimbap version where everything is served in a super hot stone pot/bowl but this bowl is on the expensive side and I didn’t want to spend the money for something I can’t use often. Everything tastes good served in a regular bowl but I gotta say, there’s nothing like eating out of a sizzling hot bowl.

It’s really easy to make and a good way to load up on veggies. Based on the instructions the cashier at the Korean grocery store gave me, here’s how I threw it all together. There are many variations out there so go ahead and make it your own.

Veggies as desired – I used carrots, spinach, white & shiitake mushrooms and zucchini
Ground beef – can replace with ground turkey,chicken or Yves Ground Round
Soya Sauce
Sesame oil
Garlic powder
Red pepper paste sauce

1. Wash, peel, chop/slice/Julienne veggies
2. Cook rice in rice cooker
3. Marinate ground beef with some soya sauce and sesame oil (I didn’t measure, but for 500g of beef I used approx. 2 tablespoons of soya sauce, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, and 1 tablespoon of sesame oil)
4. Saute the beef on a non-stick pan until cooked, breaking pieces up, then set aside
5. Saute each vegetable type separately with a soya sauce or salt to taste, finish with a bit of sesame oil, set each aside separately
5. Put rice, veggies and meat into a bowl
6. Make an egg, sunny side up, and place it in the middle of everything
7. Put red pepper sauce on top, mix it all together and eat


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