If Only Shoes Grew on Trees

If only, huh?

The annual Army & Navy shoe sale on Wednesday was the next best thing, VIP access didn’t hurt the process   🙂

This year I bought 4 pairs, less than the 6 from last year but I was really trying to keep myself under control.

There were plenty of name brand shoes such as Steve Madden, Nina, Rocket Dog, Guess even Coach, Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan could be found for those lucky enough to spot them in their size. Average prices were in the $19.99 – $39.99 range, a steal if you find shoes worth 10 times that.

If you ever consider going to the sale, here are some tips:
– grab a basket when you first get in
– wear shoes that easily slip on and off (flip-flops, flats)
– bring as little with you as possible, it gets hot in there
– buy what you love and love what you buy because all sales are final
– if it catches you eye, take it with you, becuase once it’s gone, it’s gone
– keep your basket with you….if you leave it unattended, someone will be eyeing it (yes, it’s that crazy)

The sale is on until May 6, and they usually re-stock throughout the day.

Here are the new additions to my shoe family!
Can you believe I used to hate shoe shopping???


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