Vancouver Sun Run

After much anticipation and anxiety, the Sun Run was today. The 10 kilometer run draws thousands of people every year and this was my 2nd time running it.

At 4km I was wishing I’d trained harder but at least I (think) I beat last year’s time. Results will be in tomorrow’s paper!

My legs hardly feel like my own right and I know it’ll be a sore day tomorrow but it the satisfaction of crossing the finish line was worth it.

How those people do marathons or half marathons, I’ll never know (and a wholly moley to you!). I’m crawling to bed while I still can, good night!



Vancouver Sun Run 2012

I did my first Sun Run last year, took me about 1.5 hours but I finished! I received the email today for early bird registration, my legs ache thinking about it….making my inner couch potato fight with my inner-inner runner.

Hmmm….I guess if I start training now I could be in trip top shape for April. I’ve gotta motivate myself back on to the yoga band-wagon. It’s been over a year now since I’ve “fallen off” so I guess this would be motivation to claw my behind back on.

Does that mean I should stop eating this box of chocolates on my desk?

Here’s the Sun Run site for more info: