Cowl Neck Scarf

Been kinda MIA for a little while, it’s because I’ve been finishing this up!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of these long cowl neck scarves done in thick chunky yarn but I haven’t seen any in a colour I like, so I decided to try making one myself. I wanted one I could wear once, or doubled, or around the top of my head and then around the neck.

I didn’t want a seam where the two ends joined so I decided to give those circular needles a try.

After a couple of errors & false starts, I ended up using the following:
– Size 13 circular needles
(I haven’t learned about gauge yet but this is the size the yarn label indicated to use)
– 3 balls of Lions Brand Hometown USA yarn in Portland Wine

Cast on 131 stitches
Join the round and add a marker
Row 1: *k1, p1, k1, p1 repeat from*
Row 2: *p1, k1, p1, k1, repeat from*
continue knitting in this stitch (‘seed sitch’ I think it’s called) until you get about 8″ of work
Cast off and weave in ends

This was my first attempt at knitting with circular needles and needles of this thickness. I like them because once you get your groove going you don’t have to stop. The only thing is – DON’T LOSE YOUR MARKER! I did and had a heck of a time trying to figure out where to replace it. Luckily only I was only a few rows in so I just started over.

The other thing is, don’t forget to move your working yarn when alternating stitches because I ended up with an extra stitch and got all messed up. I didn’t realize until an hour late which meant I had to take the it apart again.


More Pom-pom Yarn Scarves


I made 2 pom-pom yarn scarves to give as gifts this past Christmas. As you can see here, I made one for practice first!

I did the dark on with 10 cast on stitches and used 2 balls of yarn (top), this light one was 8 stitches using 1.5 balls. I knit (k) the whole way through.

Here are 2 things I did differently this time:
1) Unlike regular methods of adding on another ball of yarn where you knit the new ball in, I just tied the non-pom pom ends together really tight (was a bit tricky) and burnt the knot a bit with a lighter to seal them together and continued knitting.

2) The video just mentions to tuck the tail into the work a few times after binding off, but I found the tail would come out sometimes during wear. So this time after tucking in a few pom-poms into the work I tied a knot around a stitch and burnt it together too. (Careful not to burn through the string or pom-poms)

I tried a few other ways online but found method shown in the video to give the best result, however I must have pulled too tight for this one because the cast off end turned out a little rounder than I would have liked….but hopefully the receipient will enjoy it anyways.

Here’s the link to the instructional video:,default,pg.html

Christmas Cards are Done!

After 3 hours of stamping, coloring, cutting and gluing, I have finished making my Christmas cards!

I was super last minute this year and as you can see I reused ideas over a few times, but I figure no one will compare & complain.

My trusty Cricut and new Create a Critter cartridge made it easy to make super cute cards, while this gel pen-like glue pen made it easy to put the animals together.

I’m on quite a roll with these but I’ve gotta stop, my best friend and I are exchanging home made gifts this year so I’ve gotta get back to that while I watch The Muppet Christmas Carol 🙂

Happy eve of Christmas Eve everyone!


Pom-pom Yarn Scarf

Last night I went to Michaels and picked up some pom-pom yarn to do some scarves. My co-worker has been very into knitting lately and inspired my to give it another try. Being an eager beaver, I couldn’t wait until today for her to show me, so I Googled the yarn and instructions on how to start.

It’s the Bunny Tail Pom Pom yarn and here’s the link for the instructions:,default,pg.html

The instructions on binding/casting off seem complicated and my co-worker is showing me how she does it so I’ll have to see how much harder it is and share it those instructions too.

I haven’t quite finished it yet but once you get a groove going you finish fairly quickly. I’m using US Size 4 needles, with 8 cast on stitches. Looks like I only need the 1 ball of yarn for this scarf. Will be sure to post a picture once it’s all done. It’s fast, fairly easy and cute I think I’m addicted.

Here’s a photo of the before:

A few rows in, I thought it was too loose at first and didn’t look right but looks way better after a few rows in:

And after 1.5 hours: