If Only Shoes Grew on Trees

If only, huh?

The annual Army & Navy shoe sale on Wednesday was the next best thing, VIP access didn’t hurt the process   🙂

This year I bought 4 pairs, less than the 6 from last year but I was really trying to keep myself under control.

There were plenty of name brand shoes such as Steve Madden, Nina, Rocket Dog, Guess even Coach, Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan could be found for those lucky enough to spot them in their size. Average prices were in the $19.99 – $39.99 range, a steal if you find shoes worth 10 times that.

If you ever consider going to the sale, here are some tips:
– grab a basket when you first get in
– wear shoes that easily slip on and off (flip-flops, flats)
– bring as little with you as possible, it gets hot in there
– buy what you love and love what you buy because all sales are final
– if it catches you eye, take it with you, becuase once it’s gone, it’s gone
– keep your basket with you….if you leave it unattended, someone will be eyeing it (yes, it’s that crazy)

The sale is on until May 6, and they usually re-stock throughout the day.

Here are the new additions to my shoe family!
Can you believe I used to hate shoe shopping???


Vancouver Sun Run

After much anticipation and anxiety, the Sun Run was today. The 10 kilometer run draws thousands of people every year and this was my 2nd time running it.

At 4km I was wishing I’d trained harder but at least I (think) I beat last year’s time. Results will be in tomorrow’s paper!

My legs hardly feel like my own right and I know it’ll be a sore day tomorrow but it the satisfaction of crossing the finish line was worth it.

How those people do marathons or half marathons, I’ll never know (and a wholly moley to you!). I’m crawling to bed while I still can, good night!


When it Rain, it Pours

Raining cats and dogs on my way home from work today. Got completely soaked from the knees down, an umbrella was no help…..bad day to not have rubber boots.

Living in Vancouver, I’m used to the rain, it’s just miserable when I’ve got a cold 😦 I’ve been banned from the kitchen in fear of spreading my germs…hopefully I’ll be back at it on Monday.

Good night to stay in doors. Hope you’re warm and cozy this evening!


Snowy Vancouver

The sunset looked spectacular from the office last night. I couldn’t resist snapping some photos. The weather reports continued to say we’d see snow in the morning. But look at it – how could it possibly start snowing? It was beautiful out.

Well, I guess the weather people were right about the snow. The storm that to hit Vancouver went over to Seattle instead and we just caught a bit of it. Great news for us, but sucks for Seattle (hope everyone there is safe and warm!). We still got some flurries but doesn’t look like much is sticking to the ground, at least not downtown, anyways.

This is perfect weather for comfort food. I’m craving some sort of stew, soup, or noodles. I’ve been trying to get inspired in the kitchen but this weather also makes me want to curl up in my pajamas with a book. There are a few soup noodle recipes I’m excited to try so I promise I will cook up some good stuff when I get back from San Francisco.

Crisp Winter Air

After a stressful morning I decided to take a walk after lunch. It was 2 degrees (Celsius) with a wind chill of -5 outside but I just needed to get out. It was sunny but cold, the crisp air was just what I needed to clear my head. I walked towards the water down to the new Vancouver Convention Centre. I thought I’d share some of it with you. Here’s a look at Vancouver’s North Shore mountains.

I’m still working out all the bells & whistles on my iPhone 4S but these photos don’t do them justice. Come and see for yourself!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas??

Kinda feels like Christmas this morning, too bad it’s January 16.

We’re expecting some more in the next couple of days and I’m driving out to Bellingham, WA Friday morning to catch a flight to San Francisco. I hope this snow isn’t going to cause any problems on the freeway or at the airport…we don’t get a lot of snow around here so I think people forget how to drive in it….ugh.

Well, happy Monday everyone. Hope it’s warmer than mine.